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Available Yorkie Puppies


Teacup Yorkie puppies are tiny breed versions of Yorkshire Terrier, these mischief makers micro teacup yorkies for sale are confident and bold. These puppies are protective of their families and love their owners very much. These teacup yorkie puppies need a lot of care and always want to be the center of attention. They have a strict feeding schedule and also need professional hair grooming.

So, if you are thinking of buying one for your family, be with us to know more about them in detail, how they are unique and how to take care of them. 

Teacup yorkie puppies near me are a miniature creature of Yorkshire terrier and their demand is also increasing between toy breed dog lovers nowadays. In the 1870s Yorkshire terrier was originally bred to hunt rats and rodents. They are mostly used in industrial areas such as coal mines and textile factories and slowly with time they have become fashionable companion dogs. Whereas in America they came around the 1880s and with time became popular. In fact, nowadays they have become the most popular micro yorkie puppies for sale in America.

About Appearance, Size, Height, weight and colour of Yorkie puppies

Teacup yorkie puppies for sale almost have standard size like Yorkie and can be smaller as well. They have small button type nose and medium sized eyes with round skull with a short muzzle. Their body is compact but well proportional and has short legs with a medium length tail.

They have height not more than 5 to 7 inches or very small. Yorkshire terrier have average size 7lbs when teacup grown fully they have weigh between 2 to 4 lbs.

The teacup yorkies for sale near mecome in various colours in which common ones are black & gold, black & tan, blue & gold and blue & tan.

About Yorkshire Terrier Puppies coat

Teacup yorkie puppies have the same hair as Yorkshire Terrier. Micro yorkie puppies for sale near me have glossy, fine and straight hairs which need to be trimmed for better appearance. Hairs on their heads can also grow long; they also need to be trimmed so that they don’t come in their eyes.

Personality and Temperament

Yorkie puppies for sale have affectionate, sprightly and confident personalities. They are well known for their demanding traits and need a lot of attention, but they get afraid of strangers. They can even have separation anxiety when they are left alone. They even have little dog syndrome, which means puppies think they are bigger in size than actually. They have a strong prey drive which means they love to hunt small animals. The Yorkie near me loves the sound of their own voice. These puppies can get a little bit nervous in a new environment so give them some time to adjust, even offer a room to the puppy with a cozy bed.

Training for Yorkie Breeders near me

Yorkie puppies are smart and respond fast to training. In starting they can be a little stubborn but with some consistency Yorkie will cooperate. Avoid giving punishment to yorkie puppies as it can cause behavioural issues in these puppies. Rather than praise your yorkie puppies when they do something good or follow your command. Teacup yorkie puppies get aggressive by seeing unfamiliar members to avoid this situation and start giving them training at an early age; this must include socialization.

micro teacup yorkies for sale near me
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Caring for Miniature Yorkie for sale

Miniature yorkie puppies need a lot of attention and care. Grooming is very important as they need to look their best. They should have a proper feeding routine as it’s important for their health. These puppies are highly adaptable and can live in urban areas and apartments. 

Exercise: They have a lot of energy but these puppies need 20 to 30 minutes for exercise. Yorkie puppies are highly energetic and love to run here & there. But don’t allow them to run fast or jump as their bones are highly fragile. In winter season, cover your puppies with coats as they are very susceptible to cold. 

Grooming and shielding: These Yorkie puppy breeders need regular grooming to look good.  Their hair grows continuously throughout the year and even grows longer than their height. You should brush their hair every day to keep it from matting and keep them clean. Also, brush their teeth daily to make sure their teeth should be clean and healthy. 

Feeding: Feed your Yorkie puppies every 3 to 4 hours during the day and make sure don’t skip the meal. They need a balanced diet, which means protein, dietary fats, minerals, and vitamins just like human beings.

Summary: Teacup yorkie puppies are small puppies with big personalities and they always need an owner that matches their personality. Owners should also know to give proper attention to their teacup puppies to make them happy. They also need a strict diet and feeding routine. These Micro Yorkie puppies for sale will definitely bring a life to your house through their bright attitude and confidenc

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